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Grilled pineapple in spices crust and gouda cheese

Pumpkin Ravioli with lobster and its sauce

Assembly of goat cheese with nuts and pumpkin in aromatic crust

Mignon, garbanzo beans in two versions, and red pepper coulis

Tuna in sesame oil, fresh peas and oyster sauce

Ossobuco and yam chips with rosemary

Cold vanilla soup with coconut and agrumes

Red fruits savarin with spiced whipped cream and raspberry coulis

White chocolate petit gateau, yogurt and dried pineapple

Chocolate disks ganache with caramelized bananas and Nega Fulô cachaça

Aquim, a family passionate by gastronomy is not just about the arts of catering. From the pots to the pages, are revealed to readers the delights of carefully selected recipes, along with a history of successful people who are happy doing what they do.”

Rodolfo Garcia – Food Critic

The eyes of this family shine when they talk about a product of the fair or a simple croissant pur beurre. They leave nothing to chance: they know that perfection necessarily comes by selecting the best ingredients. Day after day, they are enriched with culinary secrets of its art to raise the standards higher and higher.” – Philippe Gobet, Director of the École Lenôtre, Meilleur Ouvivier de France em cuisine.
Aquim, a family passionate by gastronomyPublished by Senac Tio, the book tells the saga of the family since their arrival in Brazil and reveals some secrets of its kitchen, with recipes like tartar with heart of palm.
Brazilian Nuts or watermelon square with goat cheese and fresh thyme.
Photos by Alexander Landau and texts by Suzete Aché.

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