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The chocolate unfolds in the universe of Q0Knowing Q0 is to accompany an obstinate family in the search for the enticing origin of unique chocolate and the forgotten universe of unique chocolate and the forgotten universe of the cacao and its flavor. Oscar Niemeyer, the renowned Brazilian architect, designed the exclusive form of this chocolate. Experiencing Q0 is indulging in the incomparable magic of a perfect cocoa bean and to be thrilled by the discovery of a new universe of aromas and sensations. It is tracing a new path in search of the origins of the essential flavour of chocolate.
It is embarking on a trip narrated by the process of Q0.
The starting point is the Atlantic Forest where the cocoa tree grows beneath the shadow of centenary trees; the journey proceeds through the farm making a decisive stop at the factory. It culminates in a revelation for the senses.
For you to experience the journey fully, a tasting of 6 blends was created.
They are combinations of Q0 with different levels of smoothness and intensity so that each step in the making of Q0 flavour is sensed. Each one of them has incomparable aspect of the universe of a perfect bean. When blended they scintillate in the exhilarating explosion of Q0.
During the tasting process you will feel the smoothness of the fruity aromas of Q30s, Q50s and Q70s and awake to the intensity of notes of the beans in Q30i, Q50i and Q70i. Only then will your palate be prepared to experience Q0.

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